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Are You Focused?


Focus on the now!

Focus on how you feel!

Focus on making people happy!

Focus on the end result!

Focus on giving without the expectation of reward!

Focus on exceeding expectations!

Focus on breathing!


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Exceed Targets – #FollowUp !

So I get a knock on the door and a guy’s standing there who I’ve met before.

He hands me his business card, calls me by the wrong surname and leaves.

Here’s the thing – I haven’t heard from him since.

What a waste of time. His time and mine.

The importance of follow up should never be underestimated.

Follow up because the prospect deserves to know why he just received your business card.
Follow up because you need to discover more about the prospect.

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How To Best Use “That Feeling”

For me one of the biggest challenges in sales is pushing through the glory of success. You know; that beautiful feeling when you’ve closed the sale. All parties are happy; ecstatic. You can feel the waves of energy flow through your body and you can’t get that smile off your face. You’re “in the zone”.

Awesome – enjoy it!

But here’s the thing… the trick is to ride that wave. To lock in that feeling and use it to push through the glory of success.

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The Power of Gut Feelings

I was reminded about the power of gut feeling recently. One of my clients had met someone who had been referred by a colleague. He looked great on paper. He interviewed well. Something was wrong however. Something didn’t add up. My client knew I’d met him more than once so phoned me to ask for my opinion. Without trying to play the role of judge, jury and executioner I simply said that he should dig deeper. If he had a gut feeling something was amiss – in my experience it probably was.

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Do You Have “X” Factor?

As a partner for my clients, part of my role is to identify the best talent in the market. I hunt for talent who are exceeding targets and who have the intangible qualities which set them apart from others. The best of the best.

This week I asked some of my clients what they considered the qualities of “X Factor” employees. Here’s a few:

X Factor people exceed expectations with their results. They focus on outcomes and not job descriptions.

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What Are You Waiting For?

I know.

You’re waiting for 2015 to come around.

You’re waiting until after you receive your quarterly bonus.

You’re waiting until clocked up two years you’ve with your current employer.

Well here’s the question.

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Self Confidence vs Self Belief

Self Confidence can be described as the way we project ourselves to the outside world. Self confidence is usually the result of overcoming certain obstacles or by working to improve a skill. Self confidence can be learnt – it is extrinsic. One can portray an image of complete self confidence whilst shaking with fear inside. This might explain why people who appear over-confident or even arrogant are in most cases pasting a veneer over something they feel self conscious about.

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Are You Stuck In Third Gear?

Some jobs are like driving an automatic. You learn the system quickly; turn the key and when you get up to speed, you cruise.

I’ve always liked the analogy that a job in sales is more like driving a semi truck. You know the one’s with 18 gears? Barely time to coast, you’re constantly changing gears to get the best out of your motor (YOU).

So here’s the question.

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Follow up

I’m the first to agree that there’s a fine line between persistence and pestering. It’s finer with some prospects than others for sure. Let’s face it, on occasions you might over step the mark. I certainly have. But here’s the thing. If you don’t follow up and follow up again. And maybe again – you stand to lose big time. If you don’t follow up someone else will.

Follow up when you can’t get hold of someone.

Follow up when you can get hold of someone.

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The Only Thing Holding You Back Is You

You know them. They’re everywhere. Maybe it’s you. You start your day after a terrible night’s sleep. A thousand thoughts racing in your head. Trying to focus and feel some sense of motivation. You load yourself with coffee before heading to the office. You dread the day ahead. Little things of no substance grate you and somehow manifest into something bigger.

Sure you’re paid well – and bills to pay. A mortgage, a family to support.

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