I see my role as far more than simply introducing talent to an employer. With each assignment comes the chance to help you make the most of your new opportunity. To use the change as a catalyst for personal development. For employers, my aim is to exceed expectations. Each assignment is an opportunity to contribute to the exceeding of targets, driving change and/or the achievement of strategic goals.

Providing platforms for personal evolution is my passion. It’s what I do, you could say “it’s my purpose”.

Representing and recruiting the best talent across the globe for twenty years has provided an outstanding insight into what I understand to be “success” factors – Common threads which enable positive change. Researching and documenting the journeys of hundreds of people from myriad backgrounds, the formula is abundantly clear. The great news is that it’s available to everyone; yes everyone!

They say, “time flies”. Well, to me the life we choose to lead is a long-term game – it requires a strategy. You certainly won’t change anything unless you make the first move. To realise your potential requires, discipline, focus and action. The evidence is undeniable that consistent “success” factors positively influence Wealth, Health, Happiness and omnipresent Well-Being. It’s also undeniable that Wealth, Health and Happiness are right in front of you.

My services include:

  • End to End Recruitment including role design, behavioural profiling and team analysis
  • Retained Search and Selection "Head Hunt"
  • One on One Coaching
  • Group Facilitation
  • Training
Thanks Evolution Group for your dedication, energy and integrity. You are a cut above the rest.
Evolution Group stand head and shoulders above the rest of the recruitment industry. I have no hesitation in recommending Evolution Group to candidates and companies alike.
Dave has been the shining example of how a recruitment and career consultant should operate
Dave is the benchmark. Since my first engagement with him some 4 years ago, Dave’s genuine interest in finding the right person for the role has always impressed.

How Evolution Group works

Every day we’re talking with System Integrators, Data and Communication providers, Carriers, Software houses, Distributors, specialist IT Solution providers, in New Zealand and Australia, as well as a number of international Vendors. We talk about how to connect the best sales talent in order to help our clients exceed sales targets.

As part of our focus on evolving talent we provide services to help sales people and our clients reach their potential. This includes Extended DISC profiling, delivery of Patrick Lencioni’s ‘Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ and the integration of Net Promoter Score to increase levels of customer satisfaction.

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