Are You Unlocking Or Blocking Your Potential?

“I’m so busy!” “I don’t have the time!” “I never seem to stop!” Still


Sound familiar? If it’s not you, then I’m sure you know someone close who it does sound like – right?

We all know people who are “always busy”. Living a life in chaos and moving from one crisis to the next.

We also know the alarming statistics related to stress, anxiety and depression.

A key observation is the growing number of the population where clarity of thought is missing. Life is a struggle – it’s not fun. We see friends and family who are always playing catch up. Everything in life is hurried and spent rushing from one drama to the next. The “monkey mind” rules the roost and unfortunately enjoying the richness and pleasures of experience are missed.

So what’s the key? There are many but the first one I’ll share is:

  1.     BE DISCIPLINED    

You won’t make “you time” unless you have the discipline to make some “you time”. Try it. For a start, block just half an hour next week in your diary to focus on “YOU”. Switch off any devices and spend some time contemplating what makes you happy.

Take outs:

  • Remember – you won’t do it unless you do it.
  • Switching off devices means that you won’t be tempted to check for messages etc.
  • It takes practice to still the mind so try not to be too hard on yourself if your “monkey mind” keeps chattering.
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