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Who AM I?

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With a deep understanding of “change”, I wanted to develop an experience that was personal and empathetic. Wouldn’t it be great if I could provide platforms for personal evolution?

Studying at the University of Me towards my PhD in Life, I am fully aware the course can be a real challenge. Tough at times but incredibly rewarding. Resilience is key as events present themselves – These are the exams. My years of research and conducting experiments on the limitlessness of human potential and now being able to share is truly humbling. The stories I share are hard-hitting. Stories about the things we all encounter in life but tend to hide. Stories that provide breakthrough moments.

Under the tutorage of thought leaders in the fields of quantum mechanics, physiology, particularly epigenetics, the Consciously Evolving framework was born to help others. Being invited to complete a pedagogy of the Order of Melchizedek in 2018, has provided me the opportunity to integrate the guidance from another thought-provoking perspective. My fascination of experiencing life through the lens of Buddhist and Taoist philosophies can be felt as well

The universally acknowledged benefits of Yoga/Mediation and the commonly referred to practice of Mindfulness are profound. The power of the infinite breath. Having practiced regularly Yoga both in New Zealand and India for more than ten years. I have witnessed the benefits of adding Yoga as a life discipline. My own personal examples include, that my chronic asthma suffered since the age of ten has disappeared along with a long-term health affliction I carried that western Doctors had no answers for.

The great mind of Carl Yung influenced my accreditation as behavioural profiler within the DISC framework enabling a further source of insight in my quest to help others with their unique Personal Evolution.

Whether you feel stressed or overwhelmed or have been labelled as something else, please know that there is a way out. Maybe you’re feeling “stuck in a rut”. Perhaps you feel lonely or are fearful of change?

Please understand that you’re not alone. It only takes one step to start a journey. If you need guidance about a future proof plan that provides clarity or you’re simply curious, I’m here to help.

Where it all began

After fifteen years working in the corporate world, I reached a point where I knew “there must be more”. “I’d become a corporate zombie. I’d forgotten who I really was”. Stressed, irritable and exhausted. Vices eased the pain.

“The money was great. I had a crazy loyalty to my employer. We had a mortgage and two kids to support. My wife, Mary, was also pregnant with our third child – Ava. It was a damn scary and for a time I was paralysed by fear. Deep down I knew what I had to do.  So I trusted my gut feeling. I trusted my intuition – what my heart was telling me. I chose to take control. Selecting the date to resign was truly liberating. The date was 060906. I walked into the unknown”.

Thank you, Mary, you are amazing!

There’s a very fine line between – Fear, Anxiety and Excitement.

My message is clear : Follow your heart and trust. Trust, that with focus and action you can design and live the life you want.

Consciously Evolving    

“I take great pride in helping people take control and design their lives”


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