Stop Selling and Start Adding Value

Maybe it’s just me, but being paid a significant salary, given the tools, support and brand to enable you to add value to customers I see as an absolute privilege.Stopselling

That’s right – an absolute freckin privilege.

Think about it – You’ve been given the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of your customers business and their industry. Sure, to do that takes time and effort but you’re learning all the way. If you’re learning you’re growing. You work your way up, down and sideways through your customers business – garnering salient information with every conversation and observation. Your focus is to add value at every opportunity and you are unrelenting in your mission to do so.

Is that a luxury? Hell yeah!

It’s an opportunity to research global trends and industry nuances to become an expert. Your goal is to gain an understanding of the challenges facing your customer in a disruptive world. It’s an opportunity to understand your customer’s strategic vision. Most likely the value you’ll provide will include imparting valuable knowledge. Knowledge that is not readily accessible and strategically relevant. Perhaps you’ll also provide different way to looking at things or maybe even a complete paradigm shift. I think some people refer to that as “challenger selling”.

Over time you will become a (please excuse the cliché) “trusted advisor”. Trusted because you know your shit and are able to provide true value – the ultimate is when you’re considered a partner.

You’ve got the tools so go on – use them. Learn, share and add value – provide your customers thoughts and solutions that will help transform their business – what a privilege!

Rest assured a sale will come from the by-product of your efforts.


Take outs

  1. Stop whinging and start adding value.
  2. You’re in privileged position – make the most of it.
  3. Keep adding value and you will be rewarded with business
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