Why it’s not O.K to be late

clock&biw-via-www.google.co.nzI had a situation recently where I was due to meet two ‘gentlemen’ (I use that description graciously); for a meeting arranged by their CEO – their boss. The meeting was scheduled for 10am. I arrived at 9.50am and signed in.  The two ‘gentlemen ‘ I was due to meet knew I had arrived as the receptionist had called them. So I waited. At 10.10am the receptionist called them both again to remind them that I was waiting. And so I waited… At 10.30am one of them showed up. I smiled, stood up to shake his hand and introduced myself.

This is where it gets interesting!…He didn’t apologise for keeping me waiting – not a whimper, better still, he turned to the side of me and started talking to someone else who was also waiting. Standing there, like a “spare prick at a wedding” as they say, I was shocked by what I was witnessing. I’m not sure how long I was standing there, but it was awkward to say the least. I looked at the receptionist, she looked at me sheepishly and at that point I made the decision. I let him know that I thought his behaviour was abhorrent and left the building.

I’ve been in business for long enough to know that I don’t want to do business with people like that. People who treat others with disdain.

Let me tell you something about people who “run” late for meetings – It’s unacceptable.

Plain and simple.

Here’s why:

  • Running late can send a message that the person you’re meeting with is not a priority, that something or someone is more important.
  • It can send a message that you’re disorganised, unstructured and have poor time management skills.
  • It’s downright selfish too – it’s chews into someone else’s time.
  • It’s unprofessional and negatively influences the brand you’re representing.
  • It can also be stressful for the person who’s waiting too, wondering what’s happened to you. Wondering if you’re o.k


“Running” late is Bullsh!t.


Take outs:

  1. Everyone has access to technology to manage time – use it.
  2. If for some reason something happens outside your control which effects your time – contact the person you’re meeting and let them know.
  3. And always, always apologise when you arrive if you are late. – It’s plain good manners.



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