A Random Act of Kindness

This week I experienced something that made me smile and feel really great. I mean really great.

All it took was a random act of kindness.

You see, this week whilst my good wife Mary was out and about, her car broke down. It wouldn’t start, wouldn’t turnover. She was stuffed. Stranded along with our littlest kid, Ava – Ava’s nine.

You could tell Mary was stressed. Did I say “stressed”? Sorry, I mean seriously pissed off, fuming, livid even when she phoned me to let me know.

Mary was in for a two hour wait for a tow truck. Then it happened. Out of nowhere Simon Lucas from Simon Lucas North Shore Mitsubishi arrives. “Are you O.K” he asks? Clearly “no” was the answer. Then Simon asks whether Mary wants a loan car to get home.

Yep – that’s right. He didn’t know Mary. Never met her before but offers her a loan car. We don’t even drive a Mitsubishi for crying out loud!

The point is – Simon didn’t have to do that. He made Mary’s day. He made me smile. Everyone I’ve told has smiled. Now I’m sharing the story with my networks in the hope of making more people feel smile.

It’s clear isn’t it? All it takes are random acts of kindness and you can make a whole world of difference.

What random act of kindness are you going to do today? Go on – make some ones day…


  • A small gesture can make a huge difference
  • Thinking about other people is awesome
  • Giving is so much better than taking
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